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21 Years Old

Anaheim CA

Cali born n' raised .

Guerrerense roots


That Moment When He Shuts Me Up With A Kiss , And I Shut Him Up With A Kiss Too . When He Looks Into My Eyes , Smiles And Kisses Me . When We Kiss Each Other On The Cheek And On The Neck . When He Hugs Me Really Tight Before Kissing Me . When I Tell Him ” Dame Besho Flako ” And He Automatically Kisses Me . When Either Of Us Is Resting Our Head On Each Others Lap And We Lean Over For A Kiss . When I’m Staring At Him Smiling , And He Leans In For A Kiss . When He Catches Me Off Guard And Kisses Me . When He Kisses Me , And Smiling At The Same Time . When I Get Mad , And He Tries Kissing Me . When We Kiss And Bite Each Others Lips . Overall His Kisses Drive Me Crazy , Nadie Me Va A Besar Como Lo Hace El ! ♡♥

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